Greetings from Paris, where I live and work with clients locally and around the globe.

I'm a soul-driven strategist - coach, trainer, mediator, speaker - who helps people turnaround challenges, conflicts and uninvited changes into dynamic opportunities to resolve new and old problems and live each day with ever increasing satisfaction, success, vitality, happiness, health, energy, prosperity and fulfilling relationships.

Call +336 59 74 75 57 skype : a [...]

Apart from working as an international steel trader for 17 years, in recent years my hobbies are becoming my new profession. I'm a trainer and a  consultant on Phschological Kinesiology (Holistic Health) and a Life Coach. These are the things i love doing. 

I love nature and everything natural.

I'm keen to bring out my real nature and be a bridge for others to  have more satisfaction & joy in their lives. [...]

NLP Master Practitioner & Transformational Coach

Since a child I have always looked for the best in people. I am passionate, totally committed, and successful in supporting, encouraging and holding space for others to grow and fulfill their dreams. (For more information please see testimonials on my website).

Experience: I have over 20 years experience in helping people to release, and move on from depression, anxiety, relationship issues, stuckness, healt [...]

Author and Transformational Life Coach.  Working in Edinburgh with an international base of clients.

Face to face session 07980176689  skype add

Carol is 47 years old and a former property developer. She specializes in transforming relationships, finding your life purpose, addiction recovery, finding inner creative spark, and loves a good challenge.   Carol worked as a gestalt therapist for several years and loves the depth of transformation [...]

I am learning to be a life coach.  I have always been interested in personal development and I will be working on my personal development as well as coaching others to do it too. [...]

Cat Muir has a background  in hair, beauty, fitness, exercise and life coaching.

She works in film and television mainly and has been coaching unofficially for about twenty years.

Cat is the author of the book  “Beauty Secrets of The Rich And Famous” and conducts makeup seminars to teach people how to do their own makeup and make the best of themselves inside and out.  Using the experiences and knowledge gathered from over 15 years working in film and television as a ha [...]

"Once you peel away the layers of Life you can realize Your RAW Potential." ~Coach Nisha Ray

"You are not defined by your situation or circumstances"~Coach Nisha Ray


Shanisha Ray is a born New Jersey girl and long time Burlington County resident who comes from a extensive sales background and brings years of cutting edge training and listening techniques to her clients to bring about results as she coaches them towards their Greatness. She operates Ray Avery Wal [...]

I am a loving husband of 30 years, father and friend.  I spent the first portion of my adult life serving as a pilot and have recently retired from that profession after 27 years to pursue serving individuals and groups through  coaching.   I am dedicated to living life to the fullest and to helping others do the same. [...]


Since the age of eight my passion has been Personal Development. I believe it has to begin with me being my best self, then assisting others in living their most Elevated Life, here and now!~ Dr Moe

Dr. Maurice L. Walters (Dr.Moe) is a Change Facilitator and Spiritual Life Coach who has been successfully coaching, counseling,  inspiring and guiding clients to their dreams for more than 20 years.  A  retired U.S. Marine, with more that two decades experience in sales customer service [...]

Estelle Williams is the Principal of Esprit Coaching. She is a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, NLP Performance Coach, Trainer of Coaches, Time Line Practitioner and is also applying Strategic Intervention, NLP and other cutting edge change tools in her practice. Her passion is to assist people who know there is more to life to achieve their potential and create true success in life!


Gary Drumm is the founder and CEO of the Drumm Leadership Institute.  He founded DLI in 2011 as a research think tank looking into the areas of psychology, coaching, cognition, human needs, and other areas of study.  He has spent the last 18 years in the IT field primarily in project and IT operations management and holds several high-profile IT certifications including the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, a Masters certification in general project management, a Master [...]

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