Life According to Plan?

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So, last nights movie was The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. I had no idea what it was about, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Matt Damon right? Turns out it’s about an affair between a politician and a ballerina affected by mysterious forces keeping them apart. A romantic tale of “you and me against the world,” and in this case the world is the hands of fate; Destiny. Two lovers apparently not meant to be together, it doesn’t fit the plan. The “hands of fate” in this case is a team of fedora wearing men; the Adjustment Bureau, whose attempts to keep them in line and make sure they stay on their chosen path proves...

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Shopping for a Coach?

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I love shopping! I don’t care what it is, I’ll offer to help my friends shop. Need a car? Oh, let me go online and research for you! Need to find the perfect dress? Please, let me go with you! Yes, I love to shop! Shopping for a coach? Well, maybe not so much.  But, I look at this this way…. When it comes to choosing a life coach, finding the right one for you is like finding the right running shoes. Sometimes, off and running, you find a pair that fit just right.  But, sometimes you have to try on a couple pair and compare. Still other times, you have to run around the block a couple times. Sometimes people finally cultivate the courage to...

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Has Anyone Ever Called You a “Nag”?

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Women are notorious for being labeled as “nags” (though I’ll bet there are a few men out there who’ve been called the same). I’m sure I speak for all women when I say how much we hate it! Fortunately, I’ve only been called a nag a couple times. and my response was to blame the man who called me that, thinking if only he would get off his lazy ass and do his share, I wouldn’t have to nag! And you know, there was definitely some truth to that. But as I’ve gotten older and … ahem, wiser, I’ve found that there’s usually some truth in what people point out to us about ourselves as well. I’ve also learned that our internal world creates...

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Lessons in Life and Suicide Bombers

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Why does a suicide bomber become a suicide bomber? Because he thinks it’s a noble cause. He’s looking for someone’s love & approval – whether he thinks it will earn him honor in his family’s eyes or in the eyes of God.  And honor feels good.  Why does anyone do what they do? If you keep asking why, the ultimate answer is to bring happiness or peace or an inner satisfaction. They’re all really the same thing under different labels. We all want to feel good, and we do what we do, because we think it will lead to feeling good. We all came into this world the same. We were all once babies looking to survive. We were all once little kids who found the...

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