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Shopping for a Coach?

Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in Anxiety, Coaching, Diet & Nutrition, Emotional Mastery, Exercise & Fitness, Freedom, Gratitude, Habits, Life Purpose, Life Stages, Lifestyle, Mind Power, Mindset, NLP, Passionate Living, Personal Development, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Love, Success, Wellness, Women | Comments Off

I love shopping! I don’t care what it is, I’ll offer to help my friends shop. Need a car? Oh, let me go online and research for you! Need to find the perfect dress? Please, let me go with you! Yes, I love to shop! Shopping for a coach? Well, maybe not so much.  But, I look at this this way…. When it comes to choosing a life coach, finding the right one for you is like finding the right running shoes. Sometimes, off and running, you find a pair that fit just right.  But, sometimes you have to try on a couple pair and compare. Still other times, you have to run around the block a couple times. Sometimes people finally cultivate the courage to...

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